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After thirty years of building new homes and improving the energy efficiency of existing homes, the time is right to add a new program for energy conservation. This program will give your home a efficiency factor that can be used when considering improvements or just for comparisons between homes. It is called Home Energy Efficiency Performance (HEEP) and for the first time in this country it gives your home a rating number that indicates how energy efficient it is based on actual consumption and other physical and weather data.

We are having an official announcement at the March 2007 Buffalo Home & Garden Show but we will also be doing spot mailings. In essence, this is not a totally new program. Most of Europe and those countries that have signed the Kyoto Protocol were required to implement something like this. For example, in many of those countries an energy audit is required before you can list your home for sale with a real estate company.

It is believed that the energy efficiency of a home should be known by all prospective purchasers is order to make a more informed decision. As energy prices soar, this part of the homeowners monthly costs represent an increasing percentage of the total monthly obligation. These energy costs will become a more important factor when (not if) shortages cause more price spikes. The awareness of a home�s energy efficiency will move home sellers to invest in products and processes that actually improve its energy performance and not just its curb appeal. The buyer of an existing home will be able to compare the Home Energy Efficiency Performance of the homes they are considering and more accurately determine their projected monthly costs.

The New Home buyer will be able to compare the actual energy efficiency of those homes built by various builders. Instead of a �Top 10� list of builders (as rated by gross revenue) we will now have a �Top 10 Most Energy Efficient� list.