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Getting Started with Energy Star

Becoming a participating Home Performance Contractor gives you a real edge on your competition.

Home Performance with ENERGY STAR�

is more than just an energy efficiency program; it�s the model for the home improvement industry of the future. Participating contractors differentiate their services to homeowners by making their homes energy efficient, as well as healthy, safe, and comfortable. This goes a long way toward creating greater customer satisfaction and value for home improvement services. Soon, all customers will want to know that their home improvement contractor has earned the Building Performance Institute (BPI) accreditation.

Financial incentives are available in New York

to contractors who become certified and accredited by the Building Performance Institute and participate in the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Program.

Reward for Investment.

Certification and accreditation are worth the investment for your business. Your knowledge and skills in building science can help you educate your customers to make the right decisions for their home. Set yourself apart from the rest�join the national leaders in the home improvement industry and take advantage of attractive financial incentives that make Home Performance with ENERGY STAR work for your company.

Are you a Western New York Contractor that is looking to get started in the Energy Star program?

Contact Building Performance Solutions to find out how.