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Blower door test exposes areas prone to air leakage
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Comprehensive Home Assessment

Home Performance with ENERGY STAR� can help you lower your energy bills AND make your home safer and more comfortable!

With a priority on health and safety, Building Performance Solutions performs a Comprehensive Home Assessment.  We use the latest in technology to look at the performance of your home with respect to health, safety, and energy efficiency.

The Comprehensive Home Assessment has two phases. The first phase consists of taking inventory of, and reporting on, the current conditions in your home, including the following:
What is it?
� Health and safety (Carbon Monoxide levels/Moisture problems)
� Air-infiltration rates
� Insulation levels
� Domestic hot water system
� Heating system efficiency
� Cooling system/central air conditioning efficiency - if applicable
� Distribution system (ductwork) - if applicable
� Lighting
� Major appliances

The second phase consists of developing a work scope for proposed improvements, including a cost and energy savings estimate.
How is it done?
We use a number of diagnostic tools during the first phase of your Comprehensive Home Assessment. Some of the tools the contractor will use are:
� Carbon Monoxide (CO) Analyzer: Important Health and Safety tool
� Blower Door: Measures the air tightness of a home and aids in identifying areas where air leakage is occurring.
� Duct Blaster: Measures how �leaky� the ductwork is in a home (This tool would only be used in a home that has a forced air heating system and/or central air conditioning).

How do I schedule a Comprehensive Home Assessment?

� Give us a call to setup an appointment at (716)433-6759
� Contact us through our website by using our online contact form.
� Read the Getting Start with Energy Star page for more information.